Are you a prodigal?
Do you need forgiveness?

Are you ready to come home?

Please read on!

The story of the prodigal son has been used of God to touch and change millions of people.

Perhaps you’re a prodigal who once loved and lived for Jesus. But time has passed and sin has taken its toll. You remember what it was like to live in your Father’s house, to have your sins washed away, to live in His freedom, to enjoy His peace and His love. But you’ve wandered so far from home, you’re not quite sure if or how you could ever make it back.

Or, maybe you know about Jesus, but you’ve never had a personal relationship with Him. You’ve never received His forgiveness for your sin. You’ve never asked Jesus to be Lord of your life.

No matter where you’re at, what you’ve done, or how far you’ve drifted, you are not the beyond scope God’s reach. You are not beyond His ability to forgive, to save, to deliver, to restore and to make new.

Your heavenly Father is ready to welcome you home, with arms open wide. If you need forgiveness, pray this prayer out loud now:

"Dear Jesus, thank You for Your love. Thank You for your mercy. Thank you for not leaving me alone. I know I have sinned. I’ve done wrong. I’ve hurt You, I’ve hurt myself, I’ve hurt others. I’m sorry. Forgive me, Jesus. Wash me. Cleanse me and make me new. This day, I give you my life. Come into my heart. Be my Savior. Be my Lord and my very best friend. From this moment forward, I am yours and You are mine. Come live Your life through me. In Your precious name, amen.”

If you've been away from Jesus, let us know!