• "I'm going back 'home' to find my love, my conviction, and my faith in GOD."
    ~ United Kingdom

  • I fear going to hell every day. Please pray for my soul.
    I feel I can't get back.
    ~ Tennessee

  • Help! I once walked with Jesus, but now I am so addicted to pornography.
    ~ Indonesia

  • I have begun to realize that it's not too late to return to my Father
    and ask for forgiveness.
    ~ United Kingdom

  • I used to walk with Jesus. Somewhere along the line, I lost my way.
    ~ Jamaica

  • Please pray God will heal me of aids.
    ~ California

  • "I lost God, but He didn't lose me."
    ~ Netherlands

  • I almost died. Jesus has given me a second chance in life.
    ~ Michigan

  • When I gave my life to God as a young boy,
    I never imagined my life would end up this way.
    ~ Louisiana

  • "Now I’m back out in the world, my life has not been the same."
    ~ Tennessee

  • I am so ashamed at how far I've drifted from the path God has set for me. This is my plea for help.
    ~ North Dakota

  • I am a walking dead man. I am ready to come home.
    ~ Texas

  • I gave my life to Jesus as a child but fell very far from Him.
    I need help getting back.
    ~ Colorado

  • Jesus, save me from myself.
    ~ Florida

  • I want to come home to be with my Jesus.
    ~ Pennsylvania

  • Please, just pray for me.
    ~ Pennsylvania

  • I’ve cussed Jesus out over my addictions.
    ~ Virginia

  • I let alcohol and prescriptions drugs slowly take away everything.
    ~ Louisiana

  • I’ve been running from God for the past 36 years.
    ~ Virginia

  • I just want to know that I am safe and no longer lost.
    ~ Kansas

  • At 70 years of age, I’ve have made a new start.
    ~ Texas

  • I recently returned to God's fold. He has truly blessed me.
    ~ Tennessee

  • I was a Christian, but now I’m a Muslim.
    ~ Indiana

  • "I feel so far away from God. It seems there is no way back"
    ~ Pennsylvania

  • I turned away from God, but He’s given me a second chance.
    ~ Missouri

  • I can get on my knees to look for a crumb of crack,
    but I can’t get on my knees to pray.
    ~ North Carolina

  • My life is lost without Him.

  • I thought I hit bottom many times, but I found out there is no bottom.
    ~ Louisiana

  • I have gone so far from the Lord. I'm so empty and alone.
    ~ Washington

  • I just want to feel that cleanness that I once had
    when Jesus first touched me.
    ~ Iowa

  • I’ve been a prodigal. God forgive me.
    ~ Texas

  • I am a prodigal. I love Jesus and have missed Him.
    Now I’m on that road back home.
    ~ Texas

  • I feel really lost from Jesus. It all started when I did ecstasy.
    ~ Tennessee

  • I desperately want to get back in His arms and live for Him again.
    ~ Ohio